Congratulations to the CT Wing Color Guard Team for their performance at the Northeast Region Cadet Competition (RCC) held at Westover Air Base last weekend.
Although the team did not win overall, the team had some significant successes in the individual events placing:
1st in the Outdoor Practical
1st in the Written Leadership Exam
2nd in the Mile Run
Fastest Male in the Mile Run – Fleet foot Award
Representing CT Wing were cadets from the 801st Cadet Squadron:
C/CMSgt Mac Carneiro – team commander and winner of the Fleet Foot Award
C/CMSgt Eric Ramsauer
C/CMSgt Mike Tryforos
C/CMSgt Anthony Smyth
C/SSgt William Hess – Alternate

The team was coached by:
SM Grace Smyth
SM Mary Carneiro

I would also like to thank others from across the state/wing who helped the CT Wing Color Team:
Connecticut Statewide Honor Guard (Firefighters) who provided coaching and preparation for the RCC.
Capt David Stansfield (103rd Composite Squadron)– provided coaching and preparation for the RCC.
Maj Joe Palys (143rd Composite Squadron) – RCC escort
2d Lt Paul Vezina (103rd Composite Squadron)– RCC escort
Many others who helped along the way.
Heads Up for Next Year:  The next CT Wing Cadet Competition will occur in March 2013.  

Maj Ken Chapman

Cadets Here are a couple of tips on checking cadet promotions/advancement status:
Q:  How do I know what it takes to get promoted?
A:  Check out the Stripes to Diamonds.  Clink on the rank that you are trying to achieve and it will bring up the requirements.  The website is located here: 
Q:  How do I know what I have accomplished so far for each achievement?
A:  If your squadron tracks promotion requirements in eServices, you do the following:
      Log into eServices and click on the following link:  Cadet Promotions Track Report.  This will open up a PDF document that shows where you stand versus the requirements in the "Stripes to Diamonds." [info provided by Maj Ken Chapman]
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